What Are The 4 Best Restaurant Franchise Marketing Agencies?

What Are The 4 Best Restaurant Franchise Marketing Agencies

What Are The 4 Best Restaurant Franchise Marketing Agencies

Are you a franchisor or franchisee looking to find the Best Restaurant Franchise Marketing Agency?  The restaurant franchising space is a unique one and differs a lot from other sub-niches like education and home service franchises.  To be honest, restaurant franchise marketing is one of the easier ones to do because it works quite well on Facebook if you have good imagery and know what you’re doing with social PPC.  And, there are typically a lot of comparable brands within the space so things like industry and competitor terms both work well on Google at a reasonable price.

This article will be most help for people who are doing searches on Google such as :

  • Restaurant Franchise Development Marketing Agency
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  • Restaurant Franchise Email Marketing Agency
  • Restaurant Franchise Local Store Marketing Agency
  • Restaurant Franchise Local Store Marketing Agency
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  • Restaurant Franchising PPC Marketing Agency
  • Restaurant Pay Per Click Lead Generation Franchise Marketing Agency
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The material and strategies found in this article come from 13+ years of experience working on 200+ franchisor advertising accounts.  If you need help with home service franchise marketing and would like to discuss your advertising needs and issues in more detail, please book an appointment with us online via our Contact Us page.

16 Marketing Agencies That Do Any Type Of Franchise Marketing:

Beginning at the top, here is a list of 16 reputable marketing agencies that operate within the greater sphere of franchise marketing.  All of them are good:  

Top 16 Franchise Ad Agencies

Top 16 Franchise Ad Agencies

7 Marketing Agencies That Offer Franchise Development Marketing Services:

Only about half of the aforementioned franchise marketing agencies provide franchise development marketing services (helping franchisors find new franchisee investors).  So, let’s identify which ones do that:

Top 7 Franchise Development Ad Agencies

Top 7 Franchise Development Ad Agencies

4 Best Restaurant Franchise Marketing Agencies:

Obviously, these are just my own personal thoughts on the space, but I would feel confident saying that these 4 agencies would do a good job with restaurant brands for franchise marketing:

Top 4 Restaurant Franchise Ad Agencies

Top 4 Restaurant Franchise Ad Agencies

Here are some benchmarks for you to keep in mind.  Since Facebook can work quite well (usually between $18-$30 CPL), if you’re running both Google and Facebook Ads, you should be able to achieve a CPL that is somewhere between $20-$50 per lead.  If you’re above that, you’re probably high (unless you’re doing extra filtering like net worth, etc.).  As far as Cost Per Sale goes, that should probably be between about $4,000-$12,000 per sale, depending on how hot the franchise opportunity is.  If you’re in the dessert franchising space with brands like Crave, Crumbl, Handel’s etc. it could be <$5,000.  If you have a more expensive breakfast or dinner sit down restaurant that costs $1,000,000+ it could run you even more than $12,000 per sale.  But, as long as you’re not just running junk Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns, you should be able to find success on both Facebook and Google.

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Is Outsourcing Your Restaurants’ Promotion Strategies Worth It?

When you decide to open a franchise in the restaurant industry, one of the key elements to success is making sure you get your message out there. Whether it’s incentivizing customers with reward programs or launching a new menu item that will draw attention, having an effective marketing strategy can help bring more business through your doors. Unfortunately, navigating the world of advertising and online promotion without professional help can be difficult and time consuming. For many restaurants, hiring a restaurant franchise marketing agency could be the solution they need to reach their goals.

So what are some benefits of working with such an agency when it comes to promoting your restaurant franchise?

First off, such agencies have specialized knowledge about how to best allocate resources for each individual marketing effort. This means they’ll be able to help you decide which channels and platforms are the most effective for reaching your target audience, while also being mindful of your budget. Additionally, when it comes to online advertising, these agencies can provide strategic plans that ensure your ads are seen by the right people and that any money spent is maximized in terms of efficiency.

Additionally, restaurants will benefit from hiring a restaurant franchise marketing agency because they can leverage their expertise with data-driven insights into consumer behavior and buying patterns. By understanding what drives customers to purchase a certain item or service, the agency can tailor messaging and promotions accordingly, giving you an edge over your competition. Furthermore, having access to this data will allow you to track the success of any marketing campaign and make adjustments as needed to ensure that it’s yielding the desired results.

Finally, an experienced restaurant franchise marketing agency will be able to provide a variety of services and solutions tailored specifically to your needs. From content creation and social media management to website design and search engine optimization (SEO), these agencies can help promote your brand in a way that suits your overall strategy. By utilizing all available channels, they’ll be able to reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

At the end of the day, working with a professional restaurant franchise marketing agency is well worth considering if you want to maximize your promotional efforts and get more customers through your doors.


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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Lead PPC. My name is Grant James. This is an article that has started to rank pretty well on a lot of different restaurant franchise related terms and so I wanted to come back and make a video to hopefully connect with you guys a little bit better and just walk you through. So what some of my thinking is on this in general the question is what are the 4 best restaurant franchise marketing ideas? A little bit of background on us. We are an ad agency that works primarily with franchise ores. We’ve worked with over 250 different franchise ores. We’ve been around 4 since around 2010. Um, I used to be a chief marketing officer for a franchise or out of Southern California, so worked on the other side of things made an agency. Um definitely have worked with probably about 80 different franchise brands that are restaurants. Um so 1t of experience with Lee Generation and how the how which types of leads actually convert into sales on Google ads, Facebook ads and things like that.

Um. Also I recently I’m in the middle of building my first locations for um for a food brand um in the Midwest and so kind of getting some experiences of franchisee as well. So you probably typed in something like restaurant franchise development, marketing agency or restaurant franchise email marketing agency or something like this. So in this article I’m going to be talking about. 16. Marketing agencies that do you know different types of marketing and then break down those a little bit further with some other ideas, but these are the agencies. If you’re looking to hire an agency that does do franchise marketing in general, these are the groups that you want to look at Scorpion, Franatics, obviously us, Curious Jane, Reshift Media, Choice, Local, Quiigo, Sales Optima, Silver Crest, Brand Muscle, SOCi, Local Hero, 919 Marketing, those types of brands.

If you’re working with an agency that’s not on here just kind of beware. They may not have a much experience in the space if we were to segment that out. These are the agencies that do specifically franchise development lead gens, so selling franchises driving leads 4 franchise development reps to close to help bring on new franchisees, Scorpion, Curious Jane Franchise Hive, Topfire Media, Qiigo, and 919 Marketing. As far as restaurant franchise marketing goes, that’s gonna be mainly Lead PPC, Scorpion, Curious Jane, Qiigo, some just kind of baseline metrics to be aware of cost per lead. I mean our average cost per lead all time across all of our brands is about 32 dollars a lead. Restaurants in general tend to be a little bit cheaper, so across that average that average on a restaurant says maybe like 26 dollars a lead, but having said that we’ve had COVID, there’s been inflation stuff tends to be moving up a little bit most of.

The brands that we work with are between 250 and $750,000 investment, and so the cost per sale that we see ranges between about 5000 up to about 12 thousand dollar cost per sale. If you’re over $1,000,000 investment, it can be more expensive than that. If you’re a bizop that’s under $250K it can be cheaper than that. Um is outsourcing your restaurants promotion strategies worth it, you know it’s kind of up to you um, I think that you definitely on the agency side. It makes sense on the franchise sales side. Hiring an FSO can make sense, or if you have a good in house team, maybe not, but I have. It’s been very rare occasion that I’ve ever ran into any in house people that are able to drive better leads, more leads at a better cost relief than an agency for franchise development, not the case when it comes to local franchise marketing.

So if you have a you know there are different people out there that are better at doing local advertising for their stores than saying agency like us would be, although most of the time we can do better than that, but a franchise development. It’s just such a niche it’s very hard to know unless you’ve done a lot of them. So anyway, if you liked this Hawk to us, you can call us here at 833 leap PPC or hit the contact us button. That’ll take you to page. Where you feel out a couple things information here requests appointment and then that you can go directly to my calendar, one of my colleagues calendars and have a conversation with us. Looking forward to speaking with you. Thanks for coming to our site.