Who Are The Top 15 Franchise Lead Generation Experts?

Who Are The Top Franchise Lead Generation Experts

Who Are The Top Franchise Lead Generation Experts

There are a lot of groups out there that claim to be “experts” in various fields such as marketing and lead generation.  When it comes to franchise lead generation in particular, there are definitely some groups that stand as industry leaders.  So, when you’re getting your advice, let’s make sure that it’s coming from reputable sources.  Here’s our list of top franchise lead generation experts.

Top 15 Franchise Lead Generation Experts:

Top 15 Franchise Lead Generation Experts

Top 15 Franchise Lead Generation Experts

#1 – Lead PPC

We’re super biased on this, but having been driving leads for hundreds of franchisors since 2010, we have learned a thing or two about how to drive quality franchise development leads.

#2 – Franchise Help

Franchise Help has a ton of content on their website that is specifically geared toward franchisors and franchise lead generation.

#3 – Franchise Performance Group

FPG has experience both on the FSO / franchise broker / franchise sales side of things as well as in franchise marketing / franchise lead generation.  They come from within the trenches and have been around for quite some time.

#4 – Accurate Franchising

United Franchise Group has helped sell thousands (if not tens of thousands) of franchises across the handful of brands that they act as an FSO for / part owner of.  They have a marketing firm called Accurate Franchising that works with a larger umbrella of brands, primarily in regard to franchise lead generation.  I like that they have experience on both sides of the fence so they know the difference between tire kicker leads and prospective franchise investors.

#5 – Dr Franchises

I think these guys are out of India but their franchise content absolutely crushes in on Google.  I think they are stronger at SEO than anything else, but I actually study their organic tactics myself.  So, if you’re looking for some help with SEO or content, they would be a good one to consider looking at.

#6 – NineOneNine Marketing

NineOneNine does everything from SEO to PR to Video Marketing, to Content Marketing and beyond.  If you’re looking for a one stop shop for all things marketing, I would check out NineOneNine and Scorpion.

#7 – Franchise Insights

Franchise Ventures has a website called Franchise Insights that has a lot of high level data regarding franchise trends.  The site is broken down into information for franchisees (called “Franchise Prospect Insights) and franchisors (called “Franchise Development Insights”).  They also have a mobile app for $495 / mo. that helps improve contact rates for your franchise leads as they come through.  This is especially helpful when dealing with leads from franchise portals like Franchise Gator and Franchise Direct.

#8 – Franchise Beacon

Franchise Beacon is an FSO (Franchise Sales Organization) much like Rain Tree, Franchise Evolution Partners, REP’M, Rhino 7, UFG, etc.  They have a defined sales process and methodology that they follow that is beyond the scope of most franchise consulting firms.

#9 – Franchise Marketing Systems

FMS is going to be more similar to Franchise Beacon and other FSOs.  I like that they drive leads from various partners such as Franchise Gator, Franchise Direct, FranchiseOpportunities.com, BizBuySell, etc. so that the leads that you receive have a greater variety to them.

#10 – Franchise Hive

Franchise Hive is unique in that they are a mix of what we do at Lead PPC as a franchise advertising agency as well as a CRM software provider.  So, you get the benefit of hiring a group like us plus getting a CRM solution similar to FranConnect, Salesforce, or Zoho to process your leads.

#11 – The Intercola Law Firm

Because the franchise space has a lot of rules and regulations around it, especially when it comes to your FDD, it’s important to keep in mind some of the legal ramifications of franchise advertising so that you follow all of the rules.  These guys have great resources for all things franchise law related.

#12 – Franchise Direct

As one of the top 3 franchise portal websites, these guys have lots of tips and tricks to franchise lead generation.  I like some of the content around following up and continuing to nurture your prospective franchisees.   Not everyone is ready to buy right away and may take some time to build a relationship with them digitally prior to signing up.

#13 – Franchise Group

These guys have been in the franchising business for 20 years and have some unique ways that they approach franchise consulting.  I like that they have special opportunities for athletes within the franchising space. 

#14 – Qiigo

Qiigo is known for having a good foothold within the franchise digital marketing space.  They’ve worked with several brands over the years and provide some good content on franchise lead generation.

#15 – 1851

The approach taken by 1851 is definitely unique.  They seek to be one of the franchise industry’s leading publications in franchise news and have various opportunities for franchise lead gen.

5 Simple Strategies For Maximizing Your Franchise Lead Generation

Franchise lead generation is critical for your business growth. Not only does it help you acquire more customers, but it also helps you build relationships that can be beneficial in the long run. But how do you get started? Here are the top five strategies for maximizing your franchise lead generation:

1. Get Social: Utilizing social media platforms to engage with potential clients and leads is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. Use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to share content related to your franchise offerings and engage with users who may be interested in learning more about what you offer.

2. Invest In Paid Ads: Pay-per-click (PPC) ads on popular search engines such as Google or Bing are a great way to reach your target audiences and generate leads. PPC ads allow you to bid on keywords related to your franchise and then display an ad when someone searches for those terms. This is a great way to bring potential customers directly to your website and can be extremely effective for franchise lead generation.

3. Leverage Your Existing Network: Word-of-mouth referrals are incredibly powerful, so leveraging relationships with existing clients and partners can be a great way to boost your lead generation efforts. Ask them if they know anyone who might benefit from your services, or offer incentives such as discounts for successful referrals.

4. Build Your Online Presence: It’s essential that you have a strong online presence to attract leads. Make sure your website is up-to-date and optimized for search engines, create content that targets your ideal customer, participate in relevant forums, and stay active on social media.

5. Focus On Quality Over Quantity: When it comes to franchise lead generation, quality should always be prioritized over quantity. Don’t just focus on getting as many leads as possible; instead, focus on finding the leads who have the highest potential of becoming customers and then nurturing them through personalized communications and offers.

By following these five strategies for maximizing your franchise lead generation efforts, you can ensure that your business has a constant pipeline of new customers ready to purchase your products and services.


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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Lead PPC. My name is Grant James and I’m gonna go over this article that you’re probably viewing right now called who Are the Top 15 Lead Generation Experts with this cool little guy right up here. So this one is a little bit different than some other articles that I’ve done because it’s a combination of agencies plus kind of influencers, plus all sorts of other different types of groups out there, even some law firms. But as far as just like people who are good at Lee generation that may have some good advice that’s worth reading. That’s kind of where I went with this, so let’s kind of roll through these the first one. I actually do think we are the number one experts in franchise league generation outside of maybe a portal like it’s hard to negate franchise Gator Franchise Direct and some of those groups out there that just drive millions and millions of millions of dollars worth of franchise leads.

But if you’re not trying to go the portal route and just you know, play that super competitive game and you’re looking for more of an agency that’s definitely going to be us. We are definitely the premier agency for franchise development league generation as that’s just about all that’ we do here. The next one is going to be franchise help. They have a lot of great content on their site and I’m just going to click there it’s. Just franchise help dot com, tons and tons of information, some of their suspense seen in New York Times, Harbor Business, Forbes Ink all sorts of stuff like that, so I think they have some some great content on the subject of franchise league generation. Next I’m going to go with Franchise Performance Group. They have experienced both as an FSO which is a franchise sales organization as well as brokers as well as franchise sales and marketing league generation. So just kind of all over the board these guys are are pretty good at all things franchise lead generation and franchise sales.

The big distinction here were more like paper click agency. They drive lead through a lot of different mediums and franchise sales which we do not do any franchise sales. We just drive high quality leads via Google Ads, Meta Ads, and that type of stuff. The next one is going to be accurate franchising. This is through UFG. They own pretty sure they own accurate franchising. They’ve helped drive thousands of franchise sales so they have some pretty cool stuff on here that comes from a lot of experience that they’re kind of like one of the OGs in the space so definitely worth taking a look at what they’re doing Dr Franchises I think these guys are out of. They’re out of India or Pakistan or something like that, but they’re really good at franchise related SEO.

They drive a lot of traffic and they have some pretty. Interesting stuff. They’re not a huge fan of some of the advertising that they do, but yeah, some unique content there I would say next is going to be 919 marketing. They do everything from SEO to PR to video marketing to content marketing and to beyond. So I think 919 and Scorpion are probably pretty similar. I did put a link to Scorpion because I think they also have some. They’re not like really influence or type, but they have a lot of cool stuff and I think artistically they’re one of the strongest that’s out there. Let’s jump to Franchise Insights, so Franchise Ventures as a website called Franchise Insights they drive a lot of high level. They have a lot of high level data regarding franchise trends which I think is important.

I think anytime you can have a good data to back up what it is that you’re doing that can be pretty helpful and pretty important. Number 8 is going to be Franchise Beacon. They’re in FSO Franchise Sales Organization kind of like Raintree franchise, Evolution Partners rep. Um Rhino 7, UFG that type of a group, but they’ve got some interesting stuff here as well. I like that it’s a blend of like sales and marketing because it’s easy to get caught up in just the marketing side a bit. Number 10 is going to be franchise hive. They’re kind of a mix of what we do here at least PPC as well as a CRM software provider so they have some unique insights there as well kind of work taking a look at them. Uh, the Intra Cola Law Firm is a group that actually ranks really high for a lot of content related to franchise sales and marketing. Um, there are law firm so it’s gonna be more creation for FDDs, maybe Lisa agreements, um, anything kind of franchise specific.

But I like reading stuff from a legal perspective because marketers are just kind of like, wow, let’s get stuff out there, but I feel like any law firms definitely put a lot of time in. They’re very careful about their words franchise direct. This is going to be, you know, kind of like what I mentioned with franchise Gator. They’re a competitor franchise Gator. Some people would say that they drive higher quality leads them franchise Gator. That’s kind of a you know taste and preferences or depend up on your brand franchise group. These guys have been around for 20 years. It’s more of like a consulting type of space. I think they have some good aesthetics here as well on their site, which you don’t always see. Next I’m gonna go with Qiigo. They’re also like us. They’re an agency. They’ve worked with a lot of brands and I think they have some good info on their site and then last I go with 1851. They’re definitely unique. They seek to be one of the industries leading.

Publications and franchise news and have various opportunities for franchise lead generation, so that would also be one to check out in regard to franchise league generation. I have some information on here that’s kind of worth giving a read to 5 simple strategies for maximizing your franchise league generation. You don’t want to overthink it. I think they doing social, doing pay per click ads. Unless you just want to try to try to convert those highly competitive multiple resold franchise portal leads which I’m not.

I don’t know, not my favorite leverage existing network that’s important. Also build your online present presence and then focus on quality over quantity. You don’t want to if actually franchise that you have too much quantity and they’re not good. It really can make your franchise development reps kind of mad and they can get really frustrated with their leads because you’re out here spending money, they’re not closing, everyone’s getting frustrated, but you want to have quality leads. The most common mix we see is hiring an agency like us and then working with some type of an FSO like REP’M Franchise Evolution Partners, Raintree, any of those types of groups, um, and then also working with a franchise broker network, um, wonderful of those such as um, Fran ser, Fran. Net, IFPG, VAI, anything like that anyway. If you’d like to talk with us about franchise league generation, you can just click there on. Our contact us button or call a 3. 3 lead PPC. Fill out the form, book an appointment right here online and we can talk from there but thank you so much for visiting our site.