Top Franchise Listing Websites

Top Franchise Listing Websites

Top Franchise Listing Websites

One of the common searches that people tend to look for has to do with “Franchise Listing Websites”.  Within the franchising industry, we tend to call these types of websites “Franchise Portals” or “Franchise Lead Portals”.

This article seeks to identify what these top franchise listing websites are from the perspective of someone who works in the industry and has been providing franchise leads for franchisors since 2010.

From our perspective, the top franchise listing sites would be as follows:

Franchise Portals

Franchise Portals

#1 –

#2 – Franchise Gator

#3 – BizBuySell

#4 – Franchise Direct

#5 – America’s Best Franchises

#6 – Franchise Business Review

#7 –

#8 – Franchise Grade

#9 – All USA Franchises

#10 –

#11 –

#12 – The Franchise Mall

#13 –

#14 – GlobalBX

#15 –

#16 – FranData

#17 – Franchise Times

#18 – BusinessesForSale


How to Compare Different Franchise Listings Sites

Comparing different franchise listing sites is an important part of finding the right resources and opportunities to start a business. Different websites offer different features, so it’s important to compare them based on your individual needs.

The first step in comparing franchise listing sites is to look at their user base. The number of users will give you an idea of how active the site is, as well as the types of businesses that are listed. It may also help you determine if there are any regional or other specialized listings available for you to use.

Another factor to consider when comparing franchise listing sites is customer service. What type of customer service do they provide? Are they available via email, telephone, chat, or some other method? Are they knowledgeable about the franchise industry and can help you find the right businesses for you?

Next, consider which features the site offers. Some sites may offer more in-depth information on franchises than others. Look at how detailed each listing is, as well as if they provide reviews of individual franchises. Also, look to see if the site has any additional tools such as a forum or blog that could be useful resources.

Finally, it’s important to consider cost when comparing franchise listing sites. Different sites will charge different amounts depending on their services. Make sure that you’re getting what you need at an affordable price by doing your research beforehand.

Comparing franchise listings sites is a great way to ensure that you’re making the most informed decision about where to start your business. Make sure to read reviews, consider customer service, and factor in cost before settling on a site. This will help you find the perfect franchise listing site for your needs.


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