Who Are The Top 17 Franchise Marketing Pros?

Top Franchise Marketing

Top Franchise Marketing

The term Top Franchise Marketing represents a few different types of professionals, including:

  • Top Franchise Marketing Agencies
  • Top Franchise Marketing Portals
  • Top Franchise Marketing Content Writers
  • Top Franchise Marketing Thought Leaders
  • Top Franchise Marketing Service Providers
  • Top Franchise Marketing Software Providers
  • Top In-House Franchise Marketing Professionals

In this article, we’re going to mix these groups together and identify who really are the Top Franchise Marketing Pros.

Top Franchise Marketing:

Here’s our list of the Top Franchise Marketing Pros:

Top 17 Franchise Marketing

Top 17 Franchise Marketing

  1. Lead PPC (Agency) – This is us here at Lead PPC.  When it comes to PPC marketing for franchisors, I truly do feel like we are the best.  And, our blog content can hang with a lot of the big boys in both detail and scope.
  2. Entrepreneur.com (Portal) – It’s tough to decide whether Entrepeneur.com is a portal or a content writer because they are so good at both.  Suffice it to say that whether you need a quality lead generation solution or are just looking for some new ideas around franchise marketing, this can be a great place to do both!
  3. Franchise Direct (Portal) – When it comes to franchise portals, it’s a toss up as to whether Franchise Gator or Franchise Direct is better.  Gator sells more leads but Direct tends to have higher quality leads (at least that’s the feedback we get from our clients).
  4. NineOneNine Marketing (Portal) – NineOneNine claims to be the leading content marketing agency for franchise brands.  We don’t do content marketing here at Lead PPC, so they may actually be right about  that.  Content is king when it comes to organic traffic. 
  5. Goodway Group (Agency) – A lot of national brands use Goodway Group.  This includes not only franchisors but also multi-unit franchisees.  They have helped over 1,500 franchisees with marketing over a 30 year period.v
  6. Keap (Software) – I know these guys really well, and their SAAS solution comes from a heavy information marketing background.  Back in the early 2010s when it was called Infusionsoft, I created a lot of marketing automation follow-up sequences for some of my franchisor clients.  The results were super impressive.  Their strong suite is email and text marketing automation, which can help drip on your prospective franchisees and help increase your overall franchise sales conversion numers.
  7. RockContent (Software) – Sometimes writing franchise marketing content can be a total pain and you can run out of things to say.  One of RockContent’s four software solutions is called “WriterAccess” and is an easy way to hire skilled writers, editors, designers, etc. to help create high quality for your brand.  The also have another tool called “Studio” which allows for in-house teams, franchisees, and agencies to all work together in a streamlined fashion to maximize productivity and content production beyond what a single individual can deliver.
  8. yorCMO (Services) – For several years, I was actually the CMO of a franchise system out of southern California.  Fractional CMOs like those at yorCMO actually gain a massive breadth of knowledge across a variety of industries and can help bring foresight and strategy in ways that many franchise systems have never experienced.  Yes, they aren’t working on your brand exclusively, but that also gives them a leg up on other marketers who may have never even dealt with that many marketing solutions and approaches.
  9. Smith.ai (Software) – There is a lot of negativity out there right now when it comes to AI, but to be honest we use it quite a bit here at Lead PPC.  This article you’re reading here even has a hint of it.  Smith.ai has AI driven solutions for Virtual Receptionists, Outreach Campaigns, and Web Chat & Messaging.  “Train AI up in the way it should go and it will never deviate from the path”.  Just kidding.
  10. Sprout Social (Software) – Sprout Social offers a powerful solution for social media management.  This is incredibly important when it comes to providing local franchise marketing at the franchisee level while allowing corporate to have overarching control, generate metrics, and make sure that everything is on brand with brand guidelines.
  11. HigherVisibility (Agency) – These guys are a large agency out of Memphis.  Their top industries are Franchising, Lawyers, Ecommerce, Automotive, Financial Services, and Home Builders.  Some of the franchise brands that they’ve worked with include Hotworx, Ziebart, Orangetheory, Lawn Doctor, Pure Barre, and Caliber Collisions.
  12. Thrive (Agency) – One of Thrive’s core offerings is Franchise SEO services.  They also have an awesome guide called “Digital Marketing For Franchises: Your Complete Guide“, which is worth looking at.
  13. LocaliQ (Agency) – LocaliQ has some service offerings that work well for franchisors that a lot of agencies (even us here at Lead PPC) don’t get into, such as Live Chat and Email Marketing.  I like their article on “10 Franchise Marketing Strategies For ROI Across Locations“, as multi-location franchise advertising can be challenging for a lot of brands.
  14. Kogneta (Agency) – I’ve spent some time going through Kogneta’s franchise related content on their website, and I think that they’ve done a good job really separating out the different online franchise marketing strategies that can be employed separately for franchisors versus franchisees.  This is a problem that a lot of agencies run into.  Most agencies are so unfamiliar with franchise marketing that they don’t understand that franchise development, local franchisee, and national franchisor are all very different types of campaigns.  I think that Kogneta has done a great job of breaking down the differences between each type of franchise marketing sub-niche. 
  15. Digital Logic (Agency) – Digital Logic works primarily in the Law Firm area, focusing on Criminal Defense, Family Law, Immigration Law, and Personal Injury.  However, they do have some great content online as it pertains to introductory level franchise marketing.  Sometimes franchise marketing content is a bit over the head of many individuals, so having a concise guide to help franchise marketing newbies is helpful.
  16. Glofox (In-House Professionals) – Sometimes I feel like agencies get all of the attention, yet some of the best marketing pros in the franchising space have full-time jobs working for franchisors.  I think that Glofox has some great in-house marketers on their team, which is a trend that I find among many of the top fitness franchise brands.  Their blog is worth a gander.
  17. Mediaboom (Agency) – While not incredibly high on my list of top franchise marketing pros, I do like how tight their branding is.  With franchises, your brand is everything.  It’s literally what franchisees are buying.  It’s important to incorporate strong branding into your overall marketing strategy.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Necessary For Franchise Marketing Measurement and Evaluation

When it comes to franchising, the success of a business depends on its ability to successfully market and promote itself in order to attract potential customers. As such, franchise marketing is an important component for any successful franchise operation, but how do you know if your efforts are paying off? The answer lies in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), measurable values that can help evaluate different aspects of your marketing strategy and provide insight into how effective they have been.

For franchises just starting out, measuring KPIs can be a daunting task as there are many variables to consider. However, by selecting the right indicators and tracking them over time, businesses can gain valuable insights into their performance. Some of the most common KPIs for franchise marketing include new customer acquisition, customer engagement, brand awareness, and return-on-investment (ROI).

New Customer Acquisition: Tracking the number of customers acquired through your franchise marketing efforts is an important measure of success. Counting each individual that chooses to purchase a product or service from your franchise can give you an idea of whether or not your campaigns are having any tangible results.

Customer Engagement: In addition to tracking acquisition numbers, it is also important to gauge how engaged potential customers are with your brand. This could include anything from how often they visit your website to what content they interact with on social media. Looking at metrics such as website page views, time spent on page, unique visitors, and downloads can all provide valuable insights into how engaged customers are with your brand.

Brand Awareness: This is another key KPI for franchise marketing that measures how well potential customers know about your business and its offerings. Metrics such as website traffic, social media mentions, and ad impressions can help you track the success of any promotional efforts you have undertaken. Additionally, conducting surveys or focus groups can provide additional insight into customer recognition of your brand.

Return-on-Investment (ROI): Ultimately, businesses want to make sure they are getting a good return on their investment in terms of both time and money spent on their marketing activities. Looking at metrics like conversion rate (the percentage of people who convert from leads to paying customers) as well as lead-to-customer ratio can give you an indication of how effective your campaigns have been in driving sales.

By carefully selecting and monitoring the right KPIs, businesses can gain a better understanding of their franchise marketing efforts and make adjustments to ensure they are getting the most out of their strategies. With careful analysis and tracking, businesses can use KPIs to measure success, improve campaigns over time, and increase profitability.

It is important for any business looking to expand through franchising to understand how to measure their marketing efforts properly. By utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs), franchises can track different aspects of their campaigns such as new customer acquisition, customer engagement, brand awareness, and return-on-investment (ROI). With careful selection and monitoring, businesses can measure success and make adjustments to ensure their efforts are paying off. By taking the time to track KPIs, franchises can increase profitability and foster a strong customer base for years to come.

At the end of the day, successful franchise marketing begins with understanding what metrics should be tracked in order to gain valuable insights into how effective your strategies are. By taking the time to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as new customer acquisition, customer engagement, brand awareness, and return-on-investment (ROI), franchises will be able to ensure their efforts are paying off and provide a healthy return on investment. Utilizing KPIs is an essential part of any effective franchise marketing strategy that will help your business thrive for many years to come.


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