Who Are The Top 15 Franchise Sales Experts?

Top Franchise Sales Experts

Top Franchise Sales Experts

Franchise sales doesn’t always get as much attention as franchise marketing does.  This article is dedicated to identifying the top experts in the field of franchise sales.  The experts mentioned in this analysis come from a variety of backgrounds including franchise brokers, franchise portals, FSOs, agencies, and individuals that just have good content across the internet.

Top 15 Franchise Sales Experts:

Here are what we consider to be the Top Franchise Sales Experts:

Top 15 Franchise Sales Experts

Top 15 Franchise Sales Experts

  1. Lead PPC – Here at Lead PPC, we actually have quite a bit of good content as it relates to both franchise sales and franchise marketing.  Our core business is providing PPC services for franchisors, but we work with so many FSOs (Franchise Sales Organizations) that we are quite deep into the implementation and tracking of sales processes for a lot of franchise brands.
  2. Franchising.com – Franchising.com seems to almost always make our lists of top resources when it comes to franchise sales.  Most of their franchise sales articles get between 2,000-5,000+ reads, which is way more than most of the franchise related content out there.  The community has a variety of talented individuals that can offer their own personal thoughts and guidance as you engage in various discussion boards.
  3. Franchise Beacon – Franchise sales is all about processes and people.  Sometimes you may have the right sales people on staff and even the right franchise concept that you are selling, but your processes may still need a lot of work.  No amount of marketing is going to fix a sales process issue.  “If you want it performed, write it down” is a mantra that Franchise Beacon lives by, and this is very true for any process related function such as sales.
  4. Franchise Business Review – Franchise Business Review provides an assortment of content including articles, franchisee profiles, financing options, tips, advice, and even webinars.  Their content is high quality and worth reading periodically.
  5. Franchise Sales CRM – Franchise Sales CRM and FranConnect are both franchise specific CRMs.  Marketing automation is a big driver of franchise sales, and sometimes it’s worth considering an industry specific CRM that includes all of the marketing automation tools that you may need.  Internally here at Lead PPC, we use Salesforce, but we’ve worked with most major CRMS (HubSpot, Zoho, Infusionsoft, FranConnect, etc.).  Sometimes listening to content provided by your CRM solution can help make sure that you have a sales pipeline that is up to par with what competitors are doing from a process and software perspective.
  6. National Franchise Sales – National Franchise Sales is a franchise brokerage that has been around since 1978 and focuses on niche offerings such as refranchising, advisory, valuations, and asset recovery.  Refranchising especially is something that many franchisors don’t think about but can be a great way to raise capital and improve sales performance.  They also have a “Listings” section on their site that shows Sales, Cash Flow, # Units For Sale, Real Estate etc. if you’re looking to purchase a franchise that is being resold.
  7. Fox Rothschild – Law Firms are typically great writers (it’s literally what they do for a living), and some of the best content online in regard to franchising comes from legal websites.  Fox Rothschild and Internicola both have some great articles on franchise law.  Rothschild looks at franchise sales and some of the pitfalls in hiring franchise sales experts that may make mistakes as they try to push to sell franchises to prospective franchisees.  It’s always a good idea to take a look at the legal implications of crossing lines with your franchise sales and marketing that may be gray areas to make sure you don’t end up in an expensive lawsuit.
  8. Franchise Resale – Franchise Resale is worthy of inclusion because sometimes when people are searching online for “franchise sales” what they are really looking for is a way to sell their franchise.  This is especially true in situations where an investor purchased a franchise but it ended up becoming a job for them that required all of their time as an owner operator rather than a passive investment that produces profit for them each month.
  9. BizBuySell – BizBuySell isn’t your typical franchise portal.  It’s much more than that and doesn’t discriminate franchise businesses from other types of businesses.  But, make no mistake, BizBuySell is one of the most experienced and reputable organizations in regard to franchise sales and helps move a ton of volume with new units sold with 350+ franchise opportunities for sale on their site.
  10. Franchise Direct – When potential PPC clients call us, we do get a lot of complaints from people who are frustrated with franchise portals.  However, most of the prospective clients that we speak with have better things to say about Franchise Direct than other franchise portals.  These guys have published a plethora of high quality franchise articles online and are always a good reference point to look to when considering adjustments to your franchise sales process.
  11. ZipRecruiter – If you’re looking to hire a new position focusing on franchise sales, such as a franchise development representative, ZipRecruiter is a good one to consider along with of course LinkedIn, Indeed, SimplyHired, Monster, and Glassdoor.  Sometimes the “expert” you need is an actual person, not just advice, and ZipRecruiter is a good place to start.
  12. iFranchise Group – In franchise sales, a lot of the job training that takes place is on-the-job training.  iFranchise Group offers various franchise sales training offerings to make sure that you are both legally compliant and effective in producing a strong ROI for your brand.  They even have a free 90-minute seminar on How To Franchise Your Business.
  13. CNBC – Content is content, and CNBC as a news outlet has a lot of it, even when it comes to franchise sales.  One thing that is great about their online articles is that it breaks things down in a way that is consumable for the general public and talks about general franchising trends, which is important for franchise sales.  Like with the stock market and crypto, trend is your friend.  Don’t try to buck the trends.
  14. Franchise Genesis – Franchise Sales Organizations (FSOs) sell a ton of franchises, and if you don’t feel confident about your internal franchise sales team or you don’t want to spend your time recreating the wheel and hiring / training an entire team that sells franchises, you might want to consider an FSO.  Others to consider would be Raintree, Franchise Evolution, REP’M, Franworth, and Pinnacle.
  15. Big Sky Franchise Team – Big Sky does these franchise sales training classes on a regular basis.  Here’s the link to their franchise sales training class if you want to check them out.

The Franchise Sales Process – Analyzing Common Barriers and Finding Solutions During the Franchise Sales Cycle:

Once you have decided to pursue the franchise sales process, there are certain common barriers that can make it difficult. These challenges must be addressed in order to ensure success in your venture. By analyzing these barriers and finding solutions, you can ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.

The first barrier is lack of clarity about the goals and objectives of the process. It is important to develop an action plan that outlines exactly what needs to be done in order for your business to reach its targets. Setting expectations ahead of time will help you stay focused on achieving those goals. Additionally, having an overall strategy for how the sales process will move forward is key because it will provide direction throughout the entire sale cycle.

Second, developing effective communication between all parties involved in the franchise sales process is essential. This includes both internal and external stakeholders, such as franchisors, potential franchisees, industry partners, and more. Having an open dialogue with these individuals can help to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the process and expectations from start to finish.

Third, it’s important to have a system in place for marketing your franchises. Developing an effective marketing strategy is imperative in order to establish yourself as a viable option for potential buyers. Additionally, having a comprehensive plan that outlines how you will market your franchises on different channels will help ensure maximum exposure for the business.

Fourth, when managing franchise sales processes there are often multiple steps that need to be taken. It is essential that you have a system of project management in place to ensure all tasks are completed on time and within budget. Additionally, having the right personnel in charge of each aspect of the process is key so that everything progresses smoothly.

Fifth, it’s important to develop relationships with your franchisees so they can both benefit from a successful sale. This includes providing feedback and support throughout the entire sales cycle. Additionally, staying up to date with industry trends can also help to inform your strategies and tactics when creating an effective sales plan for your business.

By analyzing common barriers during the franchise sales cycle and finding solutions for them, you can create a smoother journey from start to finish. Developing an effective action plan, effective communication strategies, marketing strategies, project management systems, and building relationships with franchisees can help ensure that your business reaches its goals. With the right plan in place, you will be ready to start selling franchises.


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