Who Are The Top 20 Local Franchise Marketing Experts? (Emphasis On Local)

Who Are The Top 20 Local Franchise Marketing Experts

Who Are The Top 20 Local Franchise Marketing Experts

There are many aspects to franchise marketing, and one of the more distinct and important ones is definitely Local Franchise Marketing.  We’ve been providing digital advertising services via Google and Facebook Ads for franchises since 2010 (in fact it’s all we do), but it took us until around 2019 to really feel confident in the local advertising side of things (versus franchise development).

Top 20 Local Franchise Marketing Experts

Top 20 Local Franchise Marketing Experts

Top 20 Local Franchise Marketing Experts:

In this article, I seek to provide an insider’s view of who the Top Local Franchise Marketing Experts are in the great franchise marketing field.  Again, the emphasis here is on local marketing.

#1 Lead PPC

When it comes to franchise marketing via PPC ads, I would put us here at Lead PPC at the top.  But, if you need help with things like SEO and Content Generation, there are others that are stronger in that department.  Our strongest areas for local franchise marketing would be: beauty, health, education, home services, restaurants, and fitness.  There are some industries outside of this that we may not have experience with but we’d be open to having an honest discussion regarding whether or not we would be a good fit for your brand as a marketing partner.

#2 Entrepreneur.com

I use Entrepreneur.com a lot as a resource for franchise marketing.  Any time we are creating landing pages, I like to look at things like investment amounts, # of corporate vs franchisee locations, and high level info about a given brand.  They have amazing content both online and in print as it relates to entrepreneurship in general, and a big chunk of that content is focused on franchising, both nationally and locally.

#3 The Franatics

Local content creation via SEO is not easy.  It’s one thing to create a national presence for a given brand, but keeping up with content generation for localized blogs, case studies, on-site phone & video sessions, etc. is an absolute logistics nightmare, and The Franatics have made this a part of what their team is able to execute on.  They also do organic social media content, which is a plus.

#4 Curious Jane

I’m probably biased but I just like these guys.  Their approach is always fresh, honest, and bright.  This is a group that I wouldn’t have any hesitation engaging with or at least having a conversation with.

#5 Franchising.com

Franchising.com comes up on our lists quite often because of the sheer amount of quality content that they pump out within the franchising space.  One of their major franchising topics is always on multi-unit franchising.  As both an owner of a franchise focused ad agency and a multi-unit operator myself within the food franchising space, I have come to appreciate the strategies and advice that they offer on their website.

#6 MOZ

Tools like MOZ, SpyFu, and SEM Rush are a must when it comes to SEO and PPC research.  You can get most of what you need from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Google Ads, but sometimes it’s nice to use other tools to get a different angle on what to do organically as you produce content daily or weekly.  I like that MOZ has content on their site specifically tailored to franchisors and local franchise marketing.

#7 Canva

Believe it or not, Canva actually has some good expert content in regard to franchise marketing.  The thumbnail that you see on this blog page was created with Canva, and although I’m a Photoshop user as well, I like the speed and ease that Canva comes with out of the box with all of their easy-to-use templates.  It’s a must for marketers, whether you are doing national or local campaigns.

#8 Dr Franchises

These guys are out of India, but they absolutely crush it when it comes to franchising content.  The sheer amount of content that they put out for all things franchising related is impressive.

#9 SOCi

SOCi has this content piece they put together called “The Complete Guide To Franchise Marketing” which is pretty good.  I like how right off the bat, they focus on installing strong brand guidelines and standardization.  There’s nothing worse that having a bunch of stores out there that don’t even feel the same or united in any way.  Granted, at the beginning often times franchisors are trying to fVigure out what their brand playbook should be, but once that is known, standardization is key.  That’s one thing that makes brands like McDonald’s and Chick Fil A so strong.

#10 MarcomCentral

MarcomCentral is a platform based brand management, workflow automation, and digital asset management suite.  What I like about their content on franchise marketing is that they try to keep up with the trends of what’s working within recent years with franchise marketing.  Often times, you find stale articles with strategies that worked years ago but don’t work today.  These guys also rank #1 for the term “local franchise marketing” organically, so I tend to have a lot of respect for the marketing abilities of groups that can separate themselves from other marketers and experts.

#11 RevLocal

From an agency perspective, one thing that is unique about RevLocal is that they have local digital marketing consultants across the nation in many major cities.  So, if you want a bit more of a hands on digital marketer in your back pocket that you could actually go to lunch with, this might be a group to look at.

#12 Hyperlocology

Any time you can provide reports that are dialed all the way down to the local level, you win.  I love it when a franchise system has reports like sales volume, COGS, profit margins, and marketing data available.  Hyperlocology helps fill in some of the gaps franchisors run into with local data.

#13 Pica9

Platform based solutions to local franchise marketing is a common theme due to the redundancies of multi-unit franchise marketing and the need for controls on what is actually being published online, especially via social media.  Pica9 has some crossover with their platform on what you might see from MarcomCentral, but they also do some unique things like providing Print & Digital Templates and Local Vendor Integrations.  So, if your franchise also has a lot of printing needs, solutions like AlphaGraphics or Pica9 could make sense for you.

#14 Sprout Social

Sprout operates in a lot of industries outside of franchising such as government, hospitality, travel, nonprofits, etc.  But, their social media platform also lends itself well to local franchise marketing.  They preach that 71% of customers are more likely to buy after a positive social experience.  And, their software is designed to do just that.

#15 Eclincher

Living in this modern world, it’s so easy for us to become 100% dependent upon digital advertising for customer acquisition and retention.  But, I like that Eclincher discusses the need for things like donating to local causes, hosting periodic in-store events, group discounts, and other forms of multichannel marketing.  While attribution models may slip a bit when working off of multiple mediums, this can be a great way to really show your community that you care and gain much goodwill from the local market of your stores.


I like to try and higvhlight franchisors that do a good job of providing marketing ideas and content to both their franchisees and the general franchising space.  PVOLVE is a fitness concept kind of like Orange Theory, Fit Body Boot Camp, etc. that dives into things like making sure you have a strong Mission Statement and Core Values that your brand embraces and preaches.  The stronger the “Why”, the stronger your brand.

#17 FuseBox One

As a counter-point, FuseBox One puts an emphasis on focusing on your strengths when it comes to marketing.  So, they actually go with a “less is more” approach recommending that franchises don’t try to master every type of marketing medium (trade shows, direct mail, digital, organic, etc.) at once.  I’m also of the belief that there is an order of operations that franchisors should pursue in their marketing efforts, especially with franchise development lead generation, such as focusing on SEO, then PPC, then Broker Networks, then Franchise Portals.  But, that’s just me.

#18 Thrive

Thrive has made a lot of strides in the franchising space.  They also have a pretty good guide to franchise marketing that is worth looking at.

#19 LocaliQ

Since this article is all about local marketing, LocaliQ vits the bill.  They state that 42% of franchise marketing professionals feel like traditional marketing channels like TV and PR are no longer worth the investment and 55% of multi-location businesses believe social media is the leading franchise marketing channel they rely on.

#20 Uberall

Reviews are key when it comes to local marketing of any kind.  Uberall’s platform has review capabilities and helps connect the dots between a variety of marketing mediums.


5 Additional Tips On Creating & Executing a Successful Local Franchise Advertising Plan

With the right strategies in place, local franchises can be incredibly successful. But when it comes to advertising, there are many factors to consider that will help ensure business growth and success. Here are some tips for creating and executing a successful local franchise advertising plan:

1. Understand Your Audience – Before you launch any form of local franchise advertising, it’s important to understand who your target audience is and what their needs are. By focusing on the customers you want to attract, you can create more effective ads that have the potential to draw them in.

2. Use Multiple Advertising Channels – Don’t just focus on one type of marketing tactic when putting together your campaigns; incorporate multiple channels into your strategy. This could include a mix of digital, print, radio, TV, and/or outdoor media.

3. Optimize Your Ads for Mobile – With more people using mobile devices than ever before, it’s essential to make sure your ads are optimized for small screens. Clean and simple designs can help you capture the attention of your target audience more effectively on these platforms.

4. Leverage Local Influencers – Working with local influencers or content creators can be an effective way to get your message out there in an organic manner. Reach out to those who have a large following in the area you’re hoping to market your franchise in and see if they’d be interested in collaborating with you on an advertising campaign.

5. Track Your Results – Tracking your results is key to determining the success of your local franchise marketing efforts. By monitoring performance metrics such as website visits, conversions, and ad impressions you can better understand what’s working and what’s not so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

By following these tips, you should be well on your way to creating a successful local franchise advertising plan that has the potential to drive business growth and success for your organization.


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Video Transcript

Hello there and welcome to LeadPPC.com in this article. It we’re going to talk all about things local, so not so much franchise development, but more about local franchise marketing, more particularly who some of the marketing experts are for local franchise marketing. I’ve got an infographic up here that will go through a lot of the groups that we’re going to talk about, but everything from us here at Lead PPC to Franatics to Canva to fuse box and all of that type of jazz. So let’s hop right into it for us here at Lee PPC, what we do is we we help with a lot. We do a lot of franchise development, lead generation and a lot of our clients also have a lot of local needs, so we have many groups that they’ll have 10 locations or 200 locations and they need help advertising on Google ads sometimes Google my business, but there’s just a kind of like a map stuff and then Facebook meta ads.

Anything that’s paper click is what we do here. One of the resources I like a lot is Entrepreneur dot com. They have obviously magazine a lot of information online, and if you’re just looking to consume content and get a feel for some things and trends that do work for local franchise marketing, I would highly suggest looking through entrepreneur dot com, another one, the Franatics. These guys have local content. SEO for franchises is not super easy. But they have some cool stuff they go through in their podcast. They have things that are very franchisee focused which is kind of nice as well. The next would be curious, Jane, I just really like these guys a lot. Um, they have some great marketing flair. They have lots of different services that they offer there. Their scope is much higher than ours is here at Lee P. P. C.

We’re just paper collect with these guys do everything from branding and creative to content to some digital stuff, PR, national, fun media things, SEO, Frandata have all sorts of stuff so they have a good competent team and one to kind of know about franchising. Com. These guys have just all sorts of content for all things franchising focused and including local some things around like multi unit international, different conferences stuff like that. So if you’ve never, then to their site that would be one to check out. MOZ actually has some interesting things on there. I like SEO MOZ for it has some cool tools for knowing how to do content more and more I mean, I try to pump out, you know, either a lot of videos or a lot of written content on a daily basis because that’s very important and it’s important for any business, and SEO has a mass has some really cool feedback on things that you can do from an organic perspective. That’s important to know about Canva.

Actually have some good information around local marketing. I use Canva for a lot of my thumbnails that I do for YouTube videos and for our website. So any of the graphics stuff that you see actually comes from Canva and big fan. I used photoshop as well, but photoshop takes longer and these guys have a lot more templates. Doctor franchises is interesting. These guys rank on a lot of things and some of the things they rank really well on is local franchise marketing. Um, these guys suck up just so much traffic for all things franchising. Focus the one down thing if you are from North America is that I think that they’re out of India or something like that. So um, just kind of be aware that it’s kind of an offshore group, but they do have a lot of content and a lot of good strategies around franchise marketing, local franchise marketing. I never know how to pronounce this one SOCi, but they have this complete guide to franchise marketing that I think is pretty good.

That’s worth a read so you may want to take a look at some of the suggestions that they have there, especially if you have like multi unit types of situations. There’s some software out there’ that could be pretty helpful on that. Marcom Central is more like a platform based brand management, workflow automation and digital asset management suite, so if you’re someone who’s into using software to solve different local marketing types of need, especially if you’re multi unit. This will be one to check out Hyperlocology. These guys you can get into all sorts of stuff like sales volume, cost of good sole profit margins and marketing data kind of all in one so that can be kind of good to to get more information gathered so you can make better decisions. Pike and 9 is also platform based for local franchise marketing.

There’s pros and cons right if you’re working with an agency like someone like us or a curious Jane or something like that’s probably gonna be able more hands on with account management and more than details and all that. But sometimes these platforms can can be great if you have a lot of different units. Similarly, we’ve got Sprout Social, it’s gonna kind of roll through some of these e clincher P vol fuse box thrive. It touches basically every space that’s out there and we have Local IQ and Uberall. If you want to learn more information on any of these, you can click on them for sure. Also I have some 5 additional tips on creating and executing a successful local franchise advertising plan so that might be something to kind of look through as well. Things about like optimizing your ads for mobile, leveraging local influencers, tracking results and things like that. If you do need help, you can just click on the contact button up here on the top of our site fill out the forum and then you can request an appointment that you can actually book a call through Calendly right here.

I would love to talk with you about what it is that you need. If it’s not something we can do here at least PPC like you know, SEO or something like that, then can point in the right direction or if paper click would be a good fit. We can kind of talk through some of that, but thanks so much to come to our site and I really appreciate it.