What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Franchise Marketing Agency?

Benefits Of Hiring A Franchise Marketing Agency

Benefits Of Hiring A Franchise Marketing Agency

Our main focus here at Lead PPC is franchise leads and franchise lead generation. There are definitely pros and cons to hiring a Franchise Marketing Agency.  Here are some of the top questions that you should consider before you hire a franchise marketing agency:


Question #1: Do we have the in-house staff that can do the online marketing work that we need done?

Most companies operate on thin margins and have their employees’ capacity maxed out.  Adding additional workload to employees such as those who are in charge of franchise development or those who are responsible for helping new franchisees launch can oftentimes cause stress and may be out of the scope of that particular person’s capabilities.  Conversely, if you have someone on your team that already has a great background in things like PPC, SEO, and content creation, hiring an agency may make that person upset.


Question #2: What happens if your in-house staffer spends too much on PPC, has a high Cost Per Lead (CPL), or messes up your SEO rankings?

We’ve actually seen this quite a bit where a franchisor assigns a staffer to take over Google or Meta Ads and they accidentally spend too much on their daily budget, blow a bunch of cash on bad keywords, have a really high CPL or just drive poor quality leads (particularly on Facebook).  This tends to happen more often with people who come from a sales background instead of a marketing background or someone who has a little bit of experience with Google Ads but doesn’t really know how to design landing pages that convert.

Additionally, it’s so easy to crash your organic SEO rankings by having someone piddle around with your website that doesn’t understand the importance of webpage titles, navigation, url structure, keyword density, etc.  Sometimes if the damage is bad enough, your website may never fully recover.


Question #3: Do we have the budget to spend on online ads?

As far as franchise development lead generation goes (advertising to find prospective franchisees), it’s important to know that you’re going to need a minimum of about $2,500 / mo. (including ads and management fees) to run ads on Google and Meta.  Once you’re closing deals, you may want to increase that amount by another $1,000-$7,500 / mo. depending on how many deals you are trying to close.  It typically costs about $7,000-$13,000 to close a franchise deal via PPC ads.  This is still about half to 1/3 of the cost to close a deal from broker networks (usually between $25,000-$40,000 per deal via broker networks).


Benefits Of Hiring A Franchise Ad Agency:

In the ever-evolving world of franchising, achieving growth and expansion requires the right marketing strategy. One viable solution companies often overlook is hiring a Franchise Marketing Agency. These specialized entities offer a breadth of advantages, from leveraging industry knowledge to providing streamlined solutions that bolster brand recognition and profitability.

Benefit #1: The Power of Specialized Knowledge

A Franchise Marketing Agency does more than just push your advertising efforts. It brings a wealth of industry-specific knowledge to the table, understanding the nuances of franchise businesses and their unique marketing needs. They have hands-on experience with various franchise models, from single-unit to multi-unit and master franchising, delivering tailor-made strategies that drive results.

Benefit #2: Streamlining Marketing Efforts

When it comes to marketing, consistency is key. By hiring a Franchise Marketing Agency, you ensure that all your franchisees receive the same high-quality marketing materials, maintaining brand consistency across all locations. By centralizing your marketing efforts, you can streamline processes and prevent any franchisee from going rogue with their marketing initiatives, which can damage the brand image.

Benefit #3: Measuring Success

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a Franchise Marketing Agency is their ability to accurately measure the success of marketing campaigns. With a data-driven approach, they can analyze key metrics such as customer engagement, lead generation, and conversion rates. This quantitative data provides insightful feedback, allowing you to make informed decisions about future marketing strategies.

Benefit #4: Enhancing Brand Recognition

A Franchise Marketing Agency ensures consistency in brand messaging and visual identity across all franchise locations. This consistent brand presence enhances brand recognition and trust among customers, which is essential for business growth and customer loyalty.

Benefit #5: Cost-Efficiency

Hiring a Franchise Marketing Agency can also be more cost-effective than handling marketing in-house. With their extensive industry connections, agencies can negotiate better rates for advertising placements, and their expertise allows for more efficient execution of marketing strategies. This efficiency can save your franchise a significant amount of money in the long run.

In conclusion, hiring a Franchise Marketing Agency offers an array of benefits that can significantly impact a franchise’s success. Their specialized knowledge, ability to streamline marketing efforts, accurate measurement of campaign success, enhancement of brand recognition, and cost-efficiency are aspects that any franchise should consider in their growth strategy.


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