How To Conquer Startup Franchise Sales

How To Conquer Startup Franchise Sales

How To Conquer Startup Franchise Sales

Getting Startup Franchise Sales going can be such a massive pain and undertaking.  As a franchise advertising agency, we work with 100+ franchise brands, and we’ve been doing this for nearly 15 years.  As an FSO (Franchise Sales Organization), we also help a portion of our clients with their franchise sales.  It’s relatively easy to help a brand that is closing 1-3+ deals per month.  What’s challenging is when you have an emerging new franchisor that has few if any franchisees try to break trend and start closing a lot of deals.

Sadly, there is no “silver bullet” when it comes to franchise sales that solves of your franchise’s problems.  And, as you are probably aware, franchise sales especially startup franchise sales takes a certain amount of capital in order to drive enough quality franchise leads that you can can consistently close deals.  Plus, franchise sales reps aren’t super cheap.

Here are some tips that we’ve learned over the years that may help you on your quest to go from 0 to 60 with your franchise sales.


Tip #1: Start With SEO

SEO is the cheapest marketing thing you can do.  You should be publishing about 1 article per day primarily focused on keywords that contain the word “franchise” in them.  An example would be if you are a cookie franchisor, then you should go after terms like:

  • cookie franchise – Such as “What’s The Best Cookie Franchise”
  • dessert franchise – Such as “How To Identify The Best Cookie Franchise For You”

Time blocking can help significantly.  For myself, I have a 30 minute block of time set each day on my calendar to write articles.  In fact, the article that you are reading now is one of those articles.  Be consistent.  And, after you write the article, make sure to go to Google Search Console (shown below) and request that the article is indexed.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console


Tip #2: Spend $2K+ / Mo. On Ads (Google Ads + Meta Ads)

When you’re seeking to get Startup Franchise Sales going for yourself, the next thing after having a good cadence of 1 article / day that you’re going to want to add to the mix is an ad spend of at least $2K / mo. on digital advertising advertising.  The main platforms that you want to focus on are going to be Google Ads and Meta Ads.  On Google, just go after the no-brainer types of terms that you would type in such as:

  • pest control franchise
  • rodent franchise
  • mosquito spray franchise

And, also go after some competitor terms such as:

  • terminix franchise
  • mosquito joe’s franchise

On Meta Ads, focus on audiences that are interested in franchising, business opportunities, and your specific genre (home services, restaurants, etc.).


Tip #3: Hire An FSO

Once you have some leads coming in organically and from Google Ads and Meta Ads, you have your FDDs done with an Item 19, and you have 2-5 franchisees, we would highly recommend hiring an FSO at least until you get up to 100-200 units.  After that, it’s probably more cost efficient to bring everything in house again.

Franchise Sales Organizations will push you to get on 2-4 franchise broker networks, dial in all of your marketing materials, have your leads followed up with in a timely fashion, and help you close deals faster.  Here’s a list of Franchise Sales Organizations to consider.  We also provide FSO services, so if you would like for us to handle both your ads and follow up with your leads we can.


Need Help?

If you would like to speak with us about potentially having us help drive quality franchise leads and even franchise sales for your franchise please fill out our Contact Us form.

We are a boutique agency that does Digital Marketing For Franchises via PPC (Google Ads + Meta Ads).  Also, here’s a list of some Franchise Sales CRM options that might help you.